August 24, 2014

Summer of Terrific Travels

Hello Alaska Rainbow,

Wow what a summer it has been. I can’t believe that it is already August. Since Grand Assembly Tiara and I have been on some great adventures. We have made great new friends, seen old friends, and made some great and lasting memories.

Just two weeks after Grand Assembly Tiara and I took to the air and flew to Yakima for Washington/Idaho Grand Assembly. We had a great time to seeing all of Washington/Idaho Rainbow. Tiara and I enjoyed getting to sit in the Grand East for great views of the sessions. Tiara also made some great friends with the mascots of other jurisdictions. At Washington/Idaho Grand Assembly JPGWA Sorcha, Tiara and I had lots of late night food runs. We became frequent customers at Dairy Queen and of course Taco Bell. It was so great to be able to see Susannah Maher elected Grand Worthy Advisor and to see Mr. Martin named State Rainbow Dad.

Just a few short weeks after Tiara and I returned home from Washington/Idaho our bags were packed again. This time we were off to Baltimore Maryland for Supreme Assembly. Before sessions started, JPGWA Sorcha, GWAA Jamie, and I embarked on an adventure into Washington DC. It was amazing to see so many important landmarks and symbols of leadership, patriotism and service.

     The sessions started off with a memorial service, where Mrs. Hazelton gave a lovely tribute to Mrs. Hammond.  We then watched girls from New Jersey perform the Grand Cross of color ceremony. That evening we attended the banquet that culminated in a dance party.The next day we attended Public Opening.  Tuesday consisted of ritualistic opening. We watched 11 girls be initiated into our organization. The Pledge Girls of Missouri then performed a splendid pledge ceremony. The cavalcade of flags was up next. I was honored to carry the Alaska flag in this ceremony. I had a lot of fun getting to know these girls while we took over the Supreme floor representing our jurisdictions. On Wednesday we had ritualistic closing and installation where Mrs. Hazleton was installed as a Supreme Inspector and Member of the House of Gold. Supreme Assembly was so much fun and Tiara and I had a great time with our Alaska delegation.

It is very fitting that this summer has been full of travel and I hope that the rest of the year will be full of many more travels. Look forward to the August Aurora for term recap and information.